Sunday, September 21, 2008


In July 1978 Colin and Julia and their four children arrived in Malaysia. In September of that year they opened Lifeline Assembly in Kuala Trengganu. Last week Colin had the joy of attending the 30th anniversary celebration. It was a real thrill to see 150 people sit down for a meal and a spiritual celebration. It also became a time of witness because the restaurant was also being used by the Malaysian Chinese Association, a political party which is part of the ruling coalition. They were our captive audience as we sang praises to Jesus.

The prayers of one lady, Daisy Issacs, were a vital component in the opening of the church. On the day Colin first arrived in town she was fasting and praying that God would send someone to pioneer a church.

The celebration was conducted by Pastor Michael Lau who, with his wife Yohana, has done a tremendous work with the Chinese language congregation.
The English congregation, which is currently without a pastor, is led by Dr Cheryan who has a real shepherd's heart.
It was wonderful to see the participation of the youth from the church. Many young people have moved on from Lifeline and are now serving God in other churches, lots of them in Kuala Lumpur.

Some students have come in the other direction and are studying in Kuala Trengganu. Their singing in three languages, English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia was thrilling.

One of the highlights of the evening was the participation of the "Evergreens". Their joy was contagious.

There was exceptional singing, first of all from Nadine, one of the home grown youth who, besides being a very busy doctor in hospital in Kemaman, leads worship in Lifeline.

And from Joanne, a PK (pastor's kid) from Ipoh.

But, of course, no celebration in Malaysia would be complete without the most important guest of all, the food. 150 people went home very happy.

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