Wednesday, February 19, 2020


We both want to say a big thank you to all those who are praying for us. Only heaven will reveal how much those prayers achieved in our lives and ministry. Please continue praying. We really need and value your prayers.

In the past few months we have faced many challenges.
In October last year we arrived home from the USA where we had been ministering. We discovered that our home village, Penderyn, had been hit by a massive lightning strike three weeks before we got home. Many houses had their TVs, computers and other appliances destroyed. We discovered that our home had been damaged, with a hole in the wall of our conservatory. Our WiFi was fried; our telephones were fried; the thermostat for our combi boiler was fried. Our electricity had been off for three weeks so we lost two freezers full of food. It took a long time to get all these things functioning again. We thank God it could have been much worse. The house of one of our neighbours caught fire. In another house further up the village one wall collapsed completely.

We have both faces health challenges over the past year. After we got home last year Julia was suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea with blood. We went to the A&E at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr. After several hours waiting for attention she was told: “We could admit you but you would probably get more infection in the hospital than you would at home.” She was given a prescription but it was no use because the pharmacy at the hospital closed at 5pm and no other pharmacies were still open.
Shortly after that Colin was hospitalised for one week with diverticulitis.
Since we got back to Malaysia, Julia has had surgery on both hands for “trigger finger”.
We are aware that as we get older we will probably face more challenges. Please pray that we will have sufficient health and strength to continue serving the Lord for a while longer. There are so many needs.
After Colin finished teaching in Singapore in January, a lady came to thank him for “being an example of those who finish well”. We hope that wasn’t a prophecy.

In September last year Colin had the privilege of going back to Mexico after an absence of five years. It was great to minister along with our good friend, Steve Wilson. The leaders conference with around 250 pastors and leaders was a significant time. This was followed by an itinerary of some of the churches. Please pray for the saints in Mexico. The drug cartels control vast areas of the nation.

We arrived back in Malaysia on 2 January this year. It has been a real joy to teach in Tung Ling Bible School in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. It really is a privilege to teach students who are hungry to learn. We have ministered in local churches on each of the Sundays and we can report that the church of Jesus in Malaysia is alive and well. We have also conducted Saturday seminars.

In March Colin will be travelling to an Asian country (not wise to name) to teach in Bible School for two weeks and also at a leaders’ conference. Julia will fly home to UK take care of some essential things in our home.
The month of May will be spent in Australia and New Zealand, ministering in Tongan and Filipino churches.
In June and July we will be back in Malaysia for more ministry.
The privilege continues.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019



Let us just give you a look at our activities in the first four months of 2019.
Colin preached 18 times.
Colin spent 47 day in teaching in Bible schools and seminars.
This also involved flights to Singapore and Nepal.

Why are we telling you all this?
1.      To demonstrate that the need for teaching in Asia is still very great. Please pray that God will raise up more local teachers. We are flat out but more invitations keep coming in.
2.      To thank God for the energy he is continuing to give to this old couple to fulfil his purpose. Your prayers are working.
3.      To let you know that our schedule up to the end of July will be very similar, and to ask you to pray.

2 May: Teach Bible study at Seremban Life Assembly.
5 May: Preach at Full Gospel Tabernacle, Kuala Lumpur.
5 May: Preach in JCM Agape Church
9 May: Bible study at Seremban Life Assembly.
12 May: Preach at Covenant Community Life Centre.
12 May: Preach in JCM Agape Church
16 May: Bible study at Seremban Life Assembly.
19 May: Preach at EFC Church, Cheras and conduct seminar in afternoon.
25 May: Teach at Alumni Masterclass in Bible College of Wales, Swansea.
26 May: Preach at Gateway Cymru, Aberaman.
30 May: Bible study at Seremban Life Assembly.
2 June: Preach at SS Methodist Church,
2 June: Preach in JCM Agape Church.
3-6 June: Teach in School of Acts.
9 June: Preach in Harvest Christian Assembly, Klang.
9 June: Preach in JCM Agape Church,
13-14 June: Preaching and seminars in Lifeline Church, Kuala Terengganu.
16 June: Preach in Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur.
16 June: Preach in JCM Agape Church.
23 June: Preach in Global Harvest Church, Penang.
24-28 June: Teach in Tung Ling Bible School, Ipoh.
30 June: Preach at City Revival Church, Subang.
30 June: Preach in JCM Agape Church.
1-11 July: Teach in Tung Ling Seminary.
12 July: Teach in School of Acts.
13 July: Seminar in Harvest Generation Church.
14 July: Preach in New Life Community Church.
14 July: Millennium International University Graduation.

Just after Colin left Nepal some Christians who were teaching leaders were arrested and two of them from overseas were deported.

It is reported that ISIS terrorists are making Malaysia a safe haven for their activities.

After the Sri Lanka Easter bombing the Malaysian anti-terrorist squad were advising churches to be extra vigilant. This is not said to create panic as things worldwide are getting more tense. We just ask you to pray that the Lord will keep his hand on these situations.


Monday, October 22, 2018


In our last newsletter we mentioned that on 15 June we would be flying to Sydney, Australia to do some teaching for Asia Pacific Seminary. On the night before we flew Julia slipped on some water and fell backwards onto the marble floor in the house in Subang Jaya. She damaged her coccyx, split open her head and split her mouth with her teeth. She continued with the Australia trip but was in intense pain the whole time.
When we returned to Malaysia she went for x-ray and MRI scan which revealed what the doctor described as a foreign object in her brain. The only explanation seems to be that a hormonal implant she had many years ago has migrated through her body. She is due for another MRI scan when we return to the UK. The ongoing result of the bang on her head is that she has lost her sense of smell and taste and her hearing is also affected. Please pray for a full recovery. She is still serving Jesus passionately.

On 7th July we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our arrival in Malaysia (4 July 1978) with many of those we have worked with over those forty years. Then we returned to UK and on 28th July we had our family gathering to celebrate Julia’s 70th birthday (actually on 2nd July). Paula flew in from USA and Julia (daughter) flew in from New Zealand. It was a great time together.
We are now back in Malaysia as on 28th September it was the 40th anniversary of Lifeline Assembly of God in Kuala Terengganu which we planted in 1978. Here’s how it all began: On the first Friday morning we got up with our four children to drive from Kuantan where we were living to Kuala Terengganu. We had no building to meet in so we began our worship service on the beach. Then it began to rain so the six of us relocated to a nearby
bus shelter to continue. Then a brother called Billy arrived for the service. The people he was living

with sent a message for us to go to their home for the meeting because of the rain. So the third part of our gathering was in the home of Mr and Mrs Wee. They both accepted Christ. That’s how Lifeline Church was born. It was wonderful to be at the celebration and see the participation of various ministries from the main church and the two daughter churches.
Shortly after the Kuala Terengganu anniversary we were once again reminded of the goodness of God. We met for morning coffee/tea with our good friend Leila (now in her eighties). Her husband, Dr Mahalingam was the first person in Malaysia we had the privilege of bringing to Christ in 1978. He was Hindu by background. Colin spent several weeks visiting him and sharing the gospel. One afternoon the Lord told Colin that all of his objections to the gospel were now over. Colin went to see him, expecting to lead him to Christ. His response was – “Not yet. I now believe all you are telling me about Jesus; but the Bible tells me my commitment must be 100% or nothing. I am not sure I am ready for that.” Colin went home feeling disappointed. The next morning the phone rang – the doctor’s voice -  “Colin, when can I get baptised.” Shortly after we had the joy of baptising him and twelve family members in the ocean in Kuantan. Dr Paul (as he became) went on to pastor a church in Kuantan until he went into the presence of Jesus.

After we return to UK next week we have ministry in several churches around Wales and England up until Christmas. Colin will travel to Singapore from 16-20 December to minister at a church camp for Rock of Ages Church.
Then in January we will return to Malaysia to resume our Bible school teaching and church ministry.
The privilege continues.