Monday, September 13, 2010

July- August Newsletter 2010

The month began with Colin still living the bachelor life as Julia was back home in the UK. The visit for a couple of days from some new American friends (Harold Gingerich and Sherrie Weimer) made the house seem less empty – although they would have had better hospitality if Julia had been here. Sherrie was on her way to missionary service in Indonesia, to teach in a Christian school. God is still sending out labourers into the harvest.
3-4 July I was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Borneo), speaking in Full Gospel Tabernacle. As always I was blessed by the privilege of preaching in this growing church. After the Sunday morning service I flew to Jakarta, Indonesia, where I spent the night at the airport hotel before taking the early flight on Monday morning to Semarang and by 8am I was in the School of Acts where I taught sessions both morning and evening up until Thursday. There were about 120 students in the morning sessions and 200 in the evenings, from all 33 provinces of Indonesia. Their hunger for the word of God was intense and it was a real thrill to teach them.
After teaching the Friday morning class I flew back to Malaysia, arriving home around 1am.
On Sunday, 11 July I preached at Richer Life Outreach in Cheras.
From 15-23 July I taught in Tung Ling Seminary in Ipoh. This is a new extension of the Tung Ling Seminary in Subang Jaya. It was an exciting time to be involved in this new venture in training people for the work of the Kingdom. One of the students remembered me from my very first missions trip to Malaysia in 1975 when we went out evangelising together on bicycles.
On Saturday, 17 July there were no classes so I took the opportunity to drive to Taiping and have breakfast with Philip and Fiona Mathius. When we first arrived in Malaysia as missionaries in 1978, Fiona was my guide around the town of Kota Baharu when Julia and I were praying about where to pioneer churches, and Philip was the pastor of the church in Mentakab and we often ministered there. It was wonderful to renew fellowship with them after many years. Thank God for people like them who have remained faithful to their work and ministry.
On my final Saturday in Malaysia I attended the wedding of Jai Isaacs to Daenielle. Jai is originally from Lifeline Assembly in Kuala Terengganu, although he wasn’t even born when we pioneered the church there. Makes you feel old when you can say that.
On Sunday, 25 July I preached at the two morning services in Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur, before setting off for the airport for my flight home to UK.
Whilst I was having all this fun, Julia was having fun of her own back in the UK, including the engine blowing up in her car and all the upstairs light blowing out in our house in Wales - rewiring was needed. I thank God for a wife who can take all these crises in her stride.

Back in the UK, most of our time was spent visiting some of the churches who are supporting us in prayer, in Dinnington, Batley, Mansfield Woodhouse, Sheffield Woodhouse, Aberaman, Hirwaun, Clydach, Haverfordwest etc. It is always good to be able to share what God is doing in Asia, including many things we cannot say in our newsletters. It is only a pity that we are not able to visit all of you who are behind us in prayer and giving, because we really appreciate every one of you.
Whilst we were home we were also able to celebrate Andrea’s (our youngest daughter) 40th birthday. We really are getting old.
On 31 August we flew to Texas where we are staying with our daughter, Paula, and from where we will be reaching out into Mexico, Venezuela and Costa Rica, besides ministering in some of the American churches. More about that in our next newsletter.


Sunday, July 11, 2010


This was a very busy but productive time for us. On Sunday, 2nd Colin preached in Full Gospel Tabernacle in Malacca. That evening we flew to Chennai (Madras) in India to teach in the Harvest Training Institute (Tamil). On Monday and Tuesday Colin taught on Principles of Leadership. On the Tuesday evening he preached at the Miracle Rally where many unconverted came forward for prayer. Wednesday morning he spoke at the South East Chennai Ministers’ Fellowship. This was followed by more teaching from 3-8pm in the Harvest Training Institute. After continuing teaching on Thursday and Friday, we flew back to Malaysia. On Sunday, 9th Colin spoke at Liberty in Christ Tabernacle in Dengkil, but Julia stayed home with tonsillitis. This was the first time in a long time she has suffered from it. Monday, 10th Colin taught in the School of Acts – three evening sessions and four morning sessions to students from many Asian countries. Saturday, 15th May still kept us busy – teaching in the morning at the School of Christian Education in Full Gospel Assembly, then preaching at a new outreach of Full Gospel Tabernacle in Taylor’s College. Sunday, 16th was spent preaching at Full Gospel Tabernacle, then teaching there in the afternoon at their School of the Bible on the topics of Christology and Soteriology. At 1-40am on Monday we caught our flight to Manila, Philippines, arriving at 5am and Colin started teaching in Tung Ling Seminary at 8-30am. After teaching from Monday to Friday morning, we went with the students for a one night retreat in the hills at Tagaytay. Saturday morning got very exciting. We went to a waterfall where Colin baptised one of the students then dived into the water for a swim, forgetting he was still wearing his specs (these senior moments are getting more frequent). Aileen, who had just got baptised, found them so the crisis was over. From there we went to the Jesus Reigns Ministries camp site where their youth camp was just ending. It is good to be prepared in season and out of season. Pastor Vincent Javier decided it would be good for Colin to bring a word of exhortation. Thank God for the Bible on my mobile phone. Then back to Manila where Colin preached in two services at Jesus Reigns. Then we got our flight back to Malaysia, arriving home at around 2am. We had a few days of rest and relaxation before Colin flew to Kuala Terengganu and back for the Friday service. Julia stayed back, nursing a heavy cold. On Saturday Colin spoke at the youth meeting in Full Gospel Tabernacle (Yes, they do still ask the old man to speak to the youth!!!) On Sunday 30th we were at Full Gospel Assembly in Cheras.

After this intensive period of ministry we did manage to fit in a few days of relaxation from Tuesday to Thursday in a hotel in Kuala Terengganu (pictures on Julia’s facebook). We really enjoyed the break. This was followed by ministry in KT and then Penang. On the way over from East to West we were so close to the Thai border that Julia got a message on her mobile welcoming her to Thailand. Ministry in Penang was at Christ Church (Anglican) and First Assembly of God. More ministry at Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu, and SIB Church, Kuala Lumpur, followed by a trip to the Elephant Sanctuary with a group from the children’s home run by our friends, the Achamby family. It was great to see the excitement on the face of the children (more pictures on Julia’s facebook). More ministry at City Revival Church, and a Home Fellowship Leaders’ retreat in Genting Highlands followed. Julia really rocked the wives with her teaching on Your Husband is not Always Right. Guess who was the subject of the illustrations!!!
We thank God for the energy and strength he gives us to maintain this schedule. We also thank you for your prayers.

Julia flew home to UK on 28th June, leaving Colin to his worst nightmare – the bachelor life.

July is also going to be busy: Sunday ministry in several churches. Teaching in the School of Acts, Semarang, Indonesia. Teaching in Tung Ling Seminary, Ipoh.

Colin flies home to UK on 26th July.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


The beginning of March found us in Seremban, where Colin taught seminars on the book of Job on the Saturday and preached in Full Gospel Tabernacle on the Sunday morning and at their outreach church in Seremban 2 in the evening.
On Monday 8th Colin commenced a series of five sessions of teaching on Principles of Leadership at New Life Restoration Centre in Petaling Jaya. On 10th the venue for preaching was St. Mary’s Anglican Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur. After the meeting, a man named Wee Kim Chua came forward to introduce himself. When we started the pioneer church, Lifeline Assembly, in 1978, the meetings for the first few weeks were held in his home. It was a thrill to meet him after more than thirty years. On 11th and 12th March Colin taught at Tung Ling Seminary. On Saturday 13th he taught seminars on Romans at SS Methodist Church and preached at their Sunday morning service on 14th. That evening he spoke at a men’s fellowship at City Revival Church. Monday to Wednesday was spent teaching again in Tung Ling Seminary. On the Monday evening the series on Principles of Leadership continued and on the Wednesday evening it was back to St. Mary’s.
From 19th to 29th we were in Perth, Western Australia where we had the privilege of ministering in Grace City Church and at a missions conference in Champion Lakes Church. We also met up with a lot of old friends, including Bob and Margaret Stevenson. It was in one of their missionary meetings way back in 1973 that we first received our call to Malaysia.
When we got back to Malaysia we discovered that our home had been burgled (for the second time) and several items, including Julia’s netbook computer, had been stolen.

The day after our return home our family (daughters Julia and Andrea, and a friend, Carolyn, granddaughter Charlotte, and grandson Rhys, began arriving in ones and twos and for the next two weeks (30 March – 12 April) we had a great family holiday together, visiting Port Dickson, Kuantan, Penang and Langkawi Island.

While they were here Colin still found time to speak at the Easter morning service in Full Gospel Tabernacle and to the church leaders at the Evangelical Charismatic Churches of Malaysia fellowship. He also flew to Kuala Terengganu to conduct a memorial service.
For the rest of April we had meetings at New Life Restoration Centre, Kota Kemuning, Full Gospel Assembly School of Christian Education, Full Gospel Tabernacle in Miri, Sarawak, more teaching at New life Restoration Centre, and speaking at First Assembly of God in Penang. While we were in Penang we also got to visit our very dear friend, Dr Joy Seevaratnam who is now wheelchair bound. We used to minister in his home fellowship in Kuala Lumpur over 30 years ago.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Here is a copy of our newsletter for January and February, 2010.
The year 2010 started with a bang. Colin arrived in Malaysia on 1 January and started teaching in Tung Ling Seminary on the topic of leadership. On the 8th January, several churches in Malaysia had firebombs thrown at them. One of them, Metro Tabernacle, was severely damaged. The reason for these attacks was that the High Court had approved the use by Christians of the name Allah for God in their Malay language publications. The government had previously tried to ban this usage and a lower court had ruled in favour of the government, but the High Court overturned this ruling. This incensed some of the more extreme Muslims, hence the petrol bomb attacks. The argument still goes on, even though it can be quite clearly demonstrated that the name Allah predates Islam and cannot, therefore be claimed to be an exclusively Islamic word. Please pray for our friend, pastor Eu Hong Seng, who is the chairman of the National Evangelical Christian Federation and is at the forefront of the battle for religious freedom. The outcome for Metro Tabernacle was that they received substantial compensation from both government and non-government sources and permission to move into their new building was expedited – all things work together for good!!
None of these problems hindered our own ministry. Colin ministered in several churches in Malaysia, as well as several chapters of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, and did a series on Wednesday mornings for the pastoral staff of Full Gospel Assembly. Julia arrived on 26 January, having escaped the snow in UK, and on 28th we went to Singapore where Colin taught in Tung Ling Bible School and preached in local churches.
Also, in January, we had visits from pastors Joe Hayes and John Oakley.

We flew back to Malaysia on 3rd February and on 5th flew to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah (Borneo) to teach and preach in the SIB Likas church. The rest of February was taken up by ministry in several churches in the Kuala Lumpur area, and another visit to Borneo to minister at the SIB Kuching church camp. This was only our second visit to Sarawak, but the meetings were greatly blessed, and we also got to see quite a lot of the city, including a visit to the Cat Museum (the word Kuching means cat).

Our schedule for the next two months looks like this:
6 March FGT Seremban
7 March - Full Gospel Tabernacle, Seremban.
8 March – New Life Restoration Centre
10 March – St Marys Cathedral
11-12 March - Tung Ling Seminary
13 March - SS Methodist Church – seminars 3-9pm
14 March - am SS Methodist Church
14 March - pm City Church
15-17 March - Tung Ling Seminary
15 March - New Life Restoration Centre
19-29 March - Perth, Australia
30 March - 12 April - visit of kids and grandkids
4 April - Full Gospel Tabernacle
6 April – ECC – FGT
10 April – Memorial Service, Kuala Trengganu
12 April - New Life Restoration Centre
18 April - New Life Church, Kota Kemuning
19 April - New Life Restoration Centre
24 April – School of Christian Education, FGA
25 April - Full Gospel Tabernacle
26 April - New Life Restoration Centre


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here is our latest newsletter for November and December, 2009

In November we continued our ministry in Texas. On 4th November we ministered for our good friends, Dan and Kim Moon in Huntsville. On 7-8th November we spoke in Brazos Valley Cowboy Church in Bryan. It was great to spend time with Will and Hannah Fountain, the pastors of this vibrant church. On 7th November we also participated in the missions banquet of Network Bible Translators with David and Maria Skinner. On Tuesday, 10th November we ministered at Strong Tower Ministries, a rehab work, in Smithville. Mike and Kendra Adams are seeing many addicts set free by Jesus. On 11th November we ministered in Saddle Creek Church, Tomball; on 13-15th we were at Personal Development Center, a church in Lago Vista; on 20th and 22nd we were in Iglesia Restauracion in Houston. On Sunday, 29th November we spoke for the first time in Cowboy Way Church, Alvaredo. The fellowship with pastors Dan and Melanie Haby was really tremendous. In all of these churches links were established for future cooperation and participation in missions.

DECEMBER, United Kingdom
On 6th December we were in Wales, in Llandrindod Wells. Tim and Angie Price were students when Colin taught in Mattersey Hall, many moons ago. On 8th December we were in England, preaching for John Oakley in Dinnington. Sunday, 13th December saw us back in Wales, where Colin preached at Aberaman Pentecostal Church. On Sunday, 20th December we were in London with Rafael and Julia Casela, speaking for the Christmas Celebration of Full Gospel Tabernacle.

Christmas What a fun time. Christmas Dinner at our home in Penderyn with daughter, Julia and her kids, Charlotte and Rhys, plus Charlotte’s beaux, Alex. Then Boxing Day (on 28th) at Andrea’s house near Doncaster with children, grandchildren and friends. We are blessed.

2010 Back in Malaysia
This is what the schedule looks like so far for January and February :
4-8 January - Tung Ling Seminary, Kuala Lumpur
10 January – Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya
12 January – FGBMFI Taman Tun
13 January – Full Gospel Assembly staff meeting
14 January – FGBMFI Shah Alam
16 January – Asia Pacific Seminary - seminars
17 January – Oasis Church, Ara Damansara
19 January – TA Fellowship
20 January – FGA Staff meeting
FGBMFI the Summit Mall
27 January – FGA Staff meeting
28 Jan – 3Feb – Tung Ling Seminary, Singapore
30 January – Hinghwa Methodist Church, Singapore 31 January – Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church, Singapore
5-7 February – SIB Church, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
10 February – FGA Staff meeting
14 February – Harvest Christian Assembly, Klang
17 February – FGA Staff meeting
20-21 February – Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur
24 February – FGA Staff meeting
26-28 February – SIB Church, Kuching, Sarawak
Please pray for effective ministry in all these places.

Yesterday (8th January) three churches in Kuala Lumpur were firebombed by Muslim extremists. Praise God no-one was injured, but pray that this will not escalate.