Thursday, November 05, 2009

Newsletter September/October 2009

September and October saw a change of continent but a continuation of the blessing of God.
On 1st September Colin flew to Houston. Julia had to stay behind in Wales to take care of some pressing family matters.
On 2nd September Colin borrowed our daughter, Paula’s, car and drove to Lindale, Texas to take part in the annual missions conference of Calvary Commission. Just a word about Calvary Commission. It was launched by our good friends, Joe and Charlotte Fauss.

Through the ministry of Calvary Commission many people have been saved in prison, trained when they got out, and many have been launched into missions. We have been involved with them since a missions trip to Mexico in 1986. It was a great privilege to minister and be ministered to over the three days of the conference. The next three weeks were spent ministering in several churches in Texas. Julia finally arrived in Houston on 21st September.
On 1st October we flew to Venezuela. The journey from Caracas airport to Maracay was rapid and exciting, if not to say exhilarating. It was good to renew fellowship with pastor Ogla, whose husband, Jorge, was murdered earlier this year. She and their daughter, Maureen, and the whole church, are being sustained by the grace of God through all of this. In Venezuela we had the joy of teaching in the Id (Go) School of Missions in Salem Church in a place called Palo Negro. We feel this was a significant link for our future involvement in missions.
In Libertad Church, where Ogla is the pastor, Colin preached a series on Extending the Kingdom. This was interspersed by teaching in Escuela Impulso Ministerial, where a fine group of future leaders and missionaries have been training. The graduation of the students was on Monday, 12th October. It was a thrill to see the potential of those being launched out into the harvest fields. The plan is that some of the students will come to stay with us in Malaysia to gain more experience and training in missions.
On the Sunday before the graduation we were invited to minister in a church called Don Divina (Divine Gift). Colin preached in just one service – the second of their four Sunday services. It was wonderful to see about two dozen people go forward for salvation and one boy testify of being healed from deafness during the meeting.
Our journey back to Caracas airport from Maracay on 15th October, starting at 3am, was the most exciting yet, with the most manic taxi driver so far. His name was Freddy and he was certainly fearless.
Texas to Chicago and back
We were back in Texas for only one night after which we set off on a 2,800 miles drive via Nashville, Tennessee to call and see Colin’s sister, Christine and her husband, Paul, then on to preach in Florence, Kentucky for our old friend Cleddie Keith in Heritage Fellowship, and then on to Frankfort, Illinois where we had absolutely great fun with Keith and Val Tipple, and ministry in their church, International Community Church. We then did the reverse journey back to Paula’s home in Conroe, Texas.
The time in the US has been very profitable, especially in setting up links for future cooperation in missions. Several churches are planning to bring teams over to Malaysia.
Future plans
We are in Texas now until 1st December when we fly back to the UK. We have lots more ministry in the churches here. December will be spent in England and Wales, then Colin starts teaching in Tung Ling Seminary in Malaysia on 4th January.
Your prayers are very important to us.
Please keep us in prayer.

Our schedule for the rest of our time in Texas looks like this:

On Saturday morning (7th) I will be teaching at a Leadership Development seminar in Brazos Valley Cowboy Church, in Bryan. That same evening I will be speaking at a missions banquet in the Crossing Church in the Woodlands.

On Sunday (8th) I will be back preaching in the Brazos Valley Cowboy Church.

On Wednesday 11th I am scheduled to preach in Saddle Creek Church in Tomball.

From Friday to Sunday, 13th to 15th I will be doing a series of teaching in North Shore Life Development Center (I always spell it their way) just outside Austin.

From Friday to Sunday, 20th to 22nd, I will be doing more teaching seminars in Iglesia Restauracion in Houston.

On Sunday, 29th November I will be preaching in Cowboy Way Church in Alvaredo, Texas.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Newsletter July/August 2009

The month of July started out with us still in Semarang, Indonesia, teaching in the School of Acts. The 2nd July was especially notable as it was Julia’s 61st birthday (I had to spill the beans). The students gave her four cakes in total, one after the morning classes and three after the evening classes. The kindness and hospitality in Asia is still amazing to us after over thirty years. Besides the cakes she got flowers and a gift, but what really made her day was being taken by one of the brothers (while I was still teaching, I might add) to buy a Liverpool shirt (which she had not been able to find in Malaysia) for our grandson.

One frustration we still encounter in our travels we experienced on our way from and back to Malaysia – delayed flights – Air Asia strikes again. It must be the Lord’s way of teaching us patience, though I must confess to not having fully graduated from this school yet.

The 4th July was also special, the 31st anniversary of our arrival in Malaysia when we first started this missionary journey. It was a good time to remind us of the countless miracles and provisions we have seen from the hand of God.

After getting back to Malaysia I taught for two weeks in the Pastoral Interns Programme in Tung Ling Seminary. The morning topic was Pastoral Ministries and the evening topic was Leadership. I love having input into the lives of future (and current) pastors in this nation.

In July we also had the visit of a family from England, Mike and Joan Riley and their three daughters. They had come over for the wedding of pastor David Ramayah’s daughter, Janeal. The evening before their arrival we tested the aircon in our guest bedrooms, only to find it was not getting cool. We called out an engineer who discovered that someone had stolen the copper piping for the whole system. It cost quite a bit to fix it, but at least it is now ready to receive the missions teams we are expecting in 2010. (When are YOU coming?)

Besides the Bible school teaching, we continued with our Friday ministry in Kuala Terengganu, and our Sunday ministry in various churches. I was taken back in time when I preached in the Tamil Church in Kapar on 19th July. We had a power cut and I ended the meeting hot and hollerin’ – no aircon and no mike – just like it was 30 years ago.

On 29th July we flew home to the UK, going first to Yorkshire for ministry and the birthday celebration of our daughters Paula (40 – she flew in from Texas for the celebration) and Andrea (39) – there I go, spilling the beans again – and then down to our home in Wales.

After preaching in several churches in South Wales plus a trip to London to preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle (FGT) – an outreach from FGT Malaysia (our base church there) and to drop Paula for her return flight to Texas, we had a wonderful final weekend with Aberaman Pentecostal Church (APC) where we spent five very happy years before our return to missions.

Colin is now in Texas. Julia had to stay behind to take care of an urgent family matter – please pray, although we cannot go into details.

Once again, a big thank you to all those who are praying for us – prayer works.

May/June Newsletter, 2009

We must apologise for not sending out a newsletter at the end of May, but we were so busy that we just didn’t have the time.

The month of May started and ended with church camps. These are always very fruitful events. It is good for the church members to get away from the hum-drum activities of everyday life and spend time together in worship, prayer and the word.
At the beginning of May we were in Malacca at the Sri Malaysia hotel with Pastor Alvin Tan and his church, High Praise Ministries. The fellowship was great, the food was great, the worship was great, and the response to the word was great; in fact you could say we had a great time.
At the end of May we were in Clearwater Sanctuary near Batu Gajah for the family camp with Pastor Ng Wah Lok and his church, Full Gospel Tabernacle from Sri Aman. Clearwater Sanctuary is where the film Anna and the King was made, and we had the privilege of using the suite where Jodie Foster stayed while she was starring in the film. This really was suffering for the gospel.
Another highlight in May was our visit to Chennai (Madras) in India. We arrived on Saturday evening, 16th May and got to bed after midnight on Sunday morning. On the Sunday Colin preached three times in Harvest Christian Assembly, at two Tamil meetings in the morning and the English service in the evening. On Monday he taught in the Harvest Training Institute on the Call of God. On Tuesday and Wednesday the topic was Missionary Principles. On the Tuesday night several were saved when Colin preached at the miracle rally in HCA. On Thursday and Friday the teaching topic was Pastoral Care.
Back again in Malaysia, on Sunday, 24th May, when Colin preached in Full Gospel Tabernacle, it was great to see 45 people being baptized. That afternoon Colin taught two seminars on Anthropology and Hamartiology.

June saw us involved in lots of ministry again. Colin was scheduled to teach in the School of Acts from 15th-19th June. On Monday night, 8th June, at about 10-30 he received a call to ask if he could teach from Tuesday to Thursday of that week as a church emergency prevented Pastor Raymond Mooi from teaching. What a great time for the two weeks, teaching students from many Asian nations, preparing them for ministry in the harvest. We even had one student from Cuba.
The month of June came to an end with us in Semarang, Indonesia, teaching in the School of Acts (an extension from the Malaysian TSOA) at both morning and evening classes. Students from all over Indonesia, hungry for God’s word, made it a pleasure to teach.
One very fruitful area of ministry here in Malaysia is our relationship with Full Gospel Tabernacle. Besides preaching at the mother church in Subang Jaya, we also had the privilege in June of ministering to the satellite churches in Seremban, where Colin taught seminars on Haggai and Zechariah, Kota Kinabalu (in Sabah on the island of Borneo) where he taught on Preaching Skills, and in Malacca where he preached at the third anniversary of their church building.

Many thanks to all our praying friends out there. We really do feel the strength of your prayer support. Please keep up the good work.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

April newsletter
This month we thought it would be good to include extracts from our diary, so you have some idea of how our schedule goes.

Friday, 3 April.
We were up at 4-30 to catch our 7-05 flight to Kuala Terengganu. In the morning service we had a divine visitation.
Saturday, 4 April.
We caught our flight to KL. In the afternoon I drove Julia to Harvest Christian Assembly in Klang where she spoke to the women's meeting. They loved her. We drove home through a deluge.
Tuesday, 7 April.
In the afternoon and evening I spoke at three meetings for Pastor Stephen Ow and the Indonesian factory workers in his church.
Friday, 10 April.
I struggled with a cold all day. Tonight I preached at the Good Friday service in Glory Gospel Mission, Kuchai Lama.
Sunday, 12 April.
Last night I preached at the Easter service in Liberty in Chist Tabernacle in Dengkil. The meeting started at 11pm and ended around 2-30am. At 10am We went for the service at Glory Gospel Mission in Kuchai Lama where I preached again.
Monday, 13 April.
This was a long day. It started with me taking the visa applications for India over to Full Gospel Tabernacle. Then I had an altercation with the toll barrier which came down on the car before I had driven through. I travelled with three friends to Kuantan where I preached at the FGBMFI dinner. They had expected four tables but got seven (ten at each table). We drove home after the dinner, arriving at our house about 1-20am..

Friday, 17 April.
At lunch time I spoke at the Talam Corporation fellowship.
Sunday, 19 April.
Today I spoke at FGA Subang Jaya, at the 7-30 and 11am meetings.
Tuesday, 21 April.
Tonight we had almost 30 of the Full Gospel Tabernacle staff for dinner. Julia did all the cooking. Now I remember why I married her!
Wednesday, 22 April.
Tonight I started a four part series at Harvest Christian Assembly on Extending the Kingdom.
Thursday, 23 April.
Today we flew to Kuala Terengganu..
Friday, 24 April.
This morning I preached at Lifeline Assembly. Tonight we had steamboat followed by a durian fest.
Saturday, 25 April.
Tonight we had a memorial service. We then flew back to KL, getting home after midnight.
Sunday, 26 April.
This morning I preached at the 7-30 meeting in Full Gospel Assembly in Kuchai Lama.. I came home, collected Julia and went back to preach in the 11am meeting.
Wednesday, 29 April.
Tonight I continued the series on Extending the Kingdom in Harvest CA.
Thursday, 30 April.
We collected our passports from Full Gospel Tabernacle before driving to Sri Malaysia Hotel in Malacca for High Praise Ministries church camp, which will continue until Sunday. The first meeting went really well.

Please pray that the seed sown will bear fruit.

March newsletter
Just in case you think all work and no play are going to make us a dull boy and girl, we want to let you know that we do get some time for relaxation. 4th March was our wedding anniversary so we took the opportunity, on our way to minister in Kuala Terengganu, to spend a couple of days in a hotel on the beach near Kuantan where we lived when we first arrived in Malaysia in 1978. Even the journey there was relaxing, because they have now completed the highway from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan and greatly reduced the “dicing with death” element. At the hotel we felt very secure as a police conference was taking place so we were surrounded by the strong arm of the law. It was great to look out from the beach (Telok Cempadak) over the South China Sea where our kids used to spend so much time swimming.

One thing we love about Malaysia is the variety of languages spoken. The month of March commenced with me preaching, though an interpreter, in the Tamil language meeting in Harvest Christian Assembly in Klang. Fortunately they have the songs projected in Romanised characters as well as Tamil so I was able to sing along, even though most of the time I had no idea what I was singing – our Tamil is limited to only a few words. On our visit to Kuala Terengganu on 5th March I preached in the Mandarin service. Once again we were singing along to the Romanised words, until they projected one song completely in Chinese characters so we were reduced to humming and trying to spot the characters we still recognise. Before I preached the pastor’s wife asked me if I could do it in Manglish (the Malaysian version of English) because it was my interpreter’s first time at translating a sermon. We worked well together. From Terengganu we went to Johore Bahru where, on the Sunday morning, I preached in the Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian national language) meeting. Here Julia and I were more at home because they use the same alphabet and we can still remember a lot of our BM. I was even able to help my interpreter (again a first timer) with a word he had forgotten. On my next visit to Terengganu I went with one of the leaders to pray for a man with Parkinson’s and was able to witness to his daughter in a mixture of English, Chinese and Malay.

Bible Schools.
Besides our travelling and preaching in various churches, Bible School teaching has now started. In Malaysia I taught in Tung Ling Seminary on the topic of Prayer and Fasting. On 21st March we flew to Manila where. After preaching in two Full Gospel Tabernacle pioneer churches on the Sunday, I taught in the newly established Tung Ling Seminary (an extension of the Malaysian school) on the topics of New Testament Survey and Prayer and Fasting.. We also attended the Baccalaureate celebration of Jesus Reigns Christian College where I preached on Powerful Potential from Ps.139. Back again in Malaysia, after preaching in Full Gospel Tabernacle and seeing about a dozen people respond to the gospel appeal, I taught in Tung Ling on Hearing God’s Voice.

Prayer pointers.
Apart from Julia falling down the stairs, ripping off a toenail and badly bruising her toes (see her Facebook for photos), the Lord is keeping us in good health and strength, which we believe is because of your prayers. PLEASE KEEP IT UP.
Next week we will commence the application to reside in Malaysia under the Malaysia My Second Home programme. Please pray that this will be approved without a hitch.
April will be a busy month with Sunday ministry, three Easter meetings, three services in one day in Seri Setia where the congregation consists of Indonesian factory workers, two flights to Kuala Terengganu, a series of Wednesday Bible studies in Harvest Christian Assembly in Klang, and a church camp with High Praise Church. Julia will also be speaking in some ladies’ meetings.
Please pray that all this ministry will be effective and eternally fruitful.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

February newsletter

February news.
It is hard to believe that we have been in Malaysia one month already. We arrived just before Chinese New Year, so in the first couple of weeks we did lots of visiting and eating.

This doesn't mean we were completely idle. On our first Sunday in Malaysia we ministered in Full Gospel Tabernacle in Subang Jaya. There were several hundred present, even though many were away for the CNY celebrations.

Eu Hong Seng, Pastor of FGT

The second weekend I drove to Batu Pahat in Johore to preach at the Saturday night English service and the Sunday morning Chinese service in Harvest Community Church. Julia stayed back and attended Full Gospel Tabernacle. On the Sunday night I preached at the daughter church in Muar before driving home.

Singing in Chinese Pastor Sheng of Harvest CC

Midweeks were taken up preaching in several chapters of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship.

On the second Sunday in February it was a great thrill to minister in SS Methodist Church in Petaling Jaya, and meet up with many of our friends with whom we established the Church Planting Institute in Cambodia over ten years ago. It was good to be back in this church which is still ablaze for missions.

Phua Seng Tiong, pastor of SS Methodist Church

The following Sunday we ministered at Glory Gospel Mission in Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur, one of four churches being pioneered by pastor Lee Je Siang.

Glory Gospel Mission

On Thursday, 19 February we flew to Lifeline Church in Kuala Terengganu, the church we pioneered in 1978. We ministered at the Chinese service on Thursday night and the English service on Friday morning.

The last weekend in February was spent ministering in Grace Church, Shah Alam, to the youth service on Saturday and the worship service on Sunday.

Please keep us in your prayers as we keep up this very busy schedule.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear Praying Friends,

You will find below our proposed schedule for the first half of the year so you will have some idea of how to pray for us.

As you can see, this is a quite busy schedule (which is subject to changes), and there are other meetings which have yet to be confirmed. Please pray that we will be in the right place, at the right time, with the right word. Pray also that we will stay healthy and strong for the task. Pray also for protection etc. As we travel extensively.

We really do value your prayers.

Colin and Julia’s Schedule for January to July 2009

January 21 Fly to Malaysia

January 25 Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya

January 31 Teach in Batu Pahat, Johore

February 1 Preach in Batu Pahat, Johore

February 8 Preach in SS Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya

February 14 Preach in Glory Gospel Mission, Kuala Lumpur

February 15 Preach in Glory Gospel Mission, Bahau

February 19/20 Preach in Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu

February 22 Preach in Grace Church, Shah Alam

March 1 Preach in Harvest Christian Assembly, Klang

March 5/6 Preach in Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu

March 7/8 Preach in Full Gospel Assembly, Johore Baru

March 11/12 Teach in Tung Ling Seminary, Subang Jaya

Topic: Prayer and Fasting

March 14 Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya

365 Youth Ministry. Topic: How to be more intelligent

March 19/20 Preach in Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu

March 22 Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Manila, Philippines

March 23-27 Teach in Tung Ling, Philippines

Topics: New Testament Survey, Prayer and Fasting

March 28 Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Evangelistic meeting

March 29 AM Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya

March 29 PM Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Kuala Lumpur

March 30/31 Teach in Tung Ling

Topic: Hearing God’s Voice

April 2/3 Preach in Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu

April 6/10 Teach in The School of Acts, Semarang, Indonesia

Topics: Pastoral Care, Building God’s Kingdom

April 19 Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya

April 23/24 Preach in Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu

April 25/26 Preach in Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur

April 30- Preach at High Praise church camp

May 2

May 4-8 Teach in The School of Acts, Kuala Lumpur

Topics: Pastoral Care, Building God’s Kingdom

May 10 Preach at City Revival Church, Subang Jaya

May 14/15 Preach at Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu

May 17 Preach in Chennai, India

May 18-22 Teach in Harvest Training Institute, Chennai

Topics: The Call of God, Missionary Principles, Christian Counselling,

Pastoral Ministries

May 24 Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya

May 28/29 Preach in Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu

May 31 – Full Gospel Tabernacle, Sri Damansara, Church Camp

June 2

June 6/7 Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Seremban

June 11/12 Preach in Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu

June 13/14 Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Melaka

3rd Anniversary Services

June 20/21 Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Kota Kinabalu

June 25/26 Preach in Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu

July 6-10 Teach in Tung Ling

Topic: Pastoral Ministries

July 13-17 Teach in Tung Ling

Topic: Leadership

July 19-21 Full Gospel Tabernacle, Seremban, church camp

July 23/24 Preach in Lifeline, Kuala Terengganu