Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Here is a copy of our newsletter for January and February, 2010.
The year 2010 started with a bang. Colin arrived in Malaysia on 1 January and started teaching in Tung Ling Seminary on the topic of leadership. On the 8th January, several churches in Malaysia had firebombs thrown at them. One of them, Metro Tabernacle, was severely damaged. The reason for these attacks was that the High Court had approved the use by Christians of the name Allah for God in their Malay language publications. The government had previously tried to ban this usage and a lower court had ruled in favour of the government, but the High Court overturned this ruling. This incensed some of the more extreme Muslims, hence the petrol bomb attacks. The argument still goes on, even though it can be quite clearly demonstrated that the name Allah predates Islam and cannot, therefore be claimed to be an exclusively Islamic word. Please pray for our friend, pastor Eu Hong Seng, who is the chairman of the National Evangelical Christian Federation and is at the forefront of the battle for religious freedom. The outcome for Metro Tabernacle was that they received substantial compensation from both government and non-government sources and permission to move into their new building was expedited – all things work together for good!!
None of these problems hindered our own ministry. Colin ministered in several churches in Malaysia, as well as several chapters of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, and did a series on Wednesday mornings for the pastoral staff of Full Gospel Assembly. Julia arrived on 26 January, having escaped the snow in UK, and on 28th we went to Singapore where Colin taught in Tung Ling Bible School and preached in local churches.
Also, in January, we had visits from pastors Joe Hayes and John Oakley.

We flew back to Malaysia on 3rd February and on 5th flew to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah (Borneo) to teach and preach in the SIB Likas church. The rest of February was taken up by ministry in several churches in the Kuala Lumpur area, and another visit to Borneo to minister at the SIB Kuching church camp. This was only our second visit to Sarawak, but the meetings were greatly blessed, and we also got to see quite a lot of the city, including a visit to the Cat Museum (the word Kuching means cat).

Our schedule for the next two months looks like this:
6 March FGT Seremban
7 March - Full Gospel Tabernacle, Seremban.
8 March – New Life Restoration Centre
10 March – St Marys Cathedral
11-12 March - Tung Ling Seminary
13 March - SS Methodist Church – seminars 3-9pm
14 March - am SS Methodist Church
14 March - pm City Church
15-17 March - Tung Ling Seminary
15 March - New Life Restoration Centre
19-29 March - Perth, Australia
30 March - 12 April - visit of kids and grandkids
4 April - Full Gospel Tabernacle
6 April – ECC – FGT
10 April – Memorial Service, Kuala Trengganu
12 April - New Life Restoration Centre
18 April - New Life Church, Kota Kemuning
19 April - New Life Restoration Centre
24 April – School of Christian Education, FGA
25 April - Full Gospel Tabernacle
26 April - New Life Restoration Centre