Thursday, December 08, 2016



The period since our June newsletter has been very challenging.

Before Julia flew to Malaysia in July she was walking our grandson’s dog though a ford near our home in Penderyn. She slipped and fell backwards, hitting her head on the  concrete slab. She spent the whole night in the A&E at the hospital waiting to see the Dr. Although she had no concussion she has since suffered whiplash problems. She has also been having problems with her blood sugar level. On a more positive note, her food allergies have greatly improved.

In August Colin was admitted to hospital in Kuala Lumpur suffering from a mild stroke (TIA). This affected his speech and resulted in weakness in his legs. An MRI scan of the brain showed no damage, even though he had experienced a couple of falls. In fact the neurologist said he had a spotless brain. Julia asked if this meant he could not spot a brain. Because he was not allowed to fly for four weeks several meetings in Melbourne, Australia had to be cancelled or postponed.

Both of us are now doing better, mostly because of the prayers of God’s people around the world. Thank you for praying.

In January we will be returning to SE Asia for preaching and teaching in Malaysia and Singapore. As our medical advice is to take things more easily in future, please pray that we will have the wisdom what to accept and what to refuse. We plan to be in SE Asia until the end of May when we will return to the UK for a month to celebrate with our family our 50th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary is actually in March but we are delaying the family celebration until June when all our children and grandchildren can join us. We also plan to take a rest throughout the month of June.

In 2017 we will be involved in the Full Gospel Tabernacle (Malaysia) ministry in Nepal. We will be teaching in their Bible School and ministering at their leaders’ conference. This will be an ongoing annual ministry for the foreseeable future.
We have also been asked to help set up a Bible School for the Tongan churches in Melbourne, Australia. What a joy to be involved in new things at our age.

Earlier this year our daughter, Paula, was a student in the School of Ministry in the Bible College of Wales. Then she was invited to attend the School of Leadership in Tung Ling Bible School, Singapore. After graduating she joined a missionary team to Kalimantan, (the Indonesian part of Borneo). She has now returned there to serve for a year ministering among 600 tribal children in Living Waters Village. Please pray she will be blessed to be a blessing.

Please pray for our continued health and strength. Recent health problems have made us realise more than ever our total dependence on the Lord. That in itself is a good thing.

Pray for us to have wisdom to be involved in the things that will maximise our usefulness in the kingdom, and to avoid being busy just for the sake of being busy.