Monday, May 07, 2018


A lot of our involvement has been with the Tung Ling Seminary/Bible School both in Malaysia and Singapore. In January Colin taught in the Pastoral Interns Programme in both Subang Jaya and Ipoh. One of the students in the Ipoh class (Raymond) was still a pupil in school when Colin came to Malaysia in 1975 on a missions trip with Bob Stevenson. Raymond remembered going on door-to-door evangelism by bicycle with Colin.

In February we were in Singapore for the Tung Ling School of Ministry then back in Malaysia for Tung Ling in March. This was combined with preaching in different churches every weekend.

In April Colin went to Nepal to teach for two weeks in the Eagles Bible School in Nepalgunj. It was a real privilege to be there when for the first time we had ladies in the class. After preaching at the graduation Colin went on the Pokhara to speak at the Full Gospel Tabernacle Pastors’ Conference. Getting out of Pokhara was exciting as it was raining and flights were being cancelled throughout the day. But we made it.

Whilst Colin was in Nepal Julia took the opportunity to fly home for a visit and was there for the birth of our second great grandson, Jaxson. It was two days before she got to see him as she was snowed in. 

July will be a very special month for us. On 4th July it will be exactly 40 years since we arrived in Malaysia with our four children for our first term as missionaries. Two days before that, on 2nd July, Julia will celebrate her 70th birthday. We are both just amazed at the great things the Lord has done for us over these forty years. It has been a series of miracles upon miracles.

Our schedule until we return to the UK in July:

6 May: Agape Community Church, Seremban.
13 May: Full Gospel Tabernacle, Sri Damansara.
20 May: Full Gospel Tabernacle, Kuala Lumpur.
24 May: Preach at graduation and 25th anniversary service of Tung Ling Seminary, Malaysia.
NOTE: Colin was the first teacher when the school opened 25 years ago.
26 May – 2 June: Ministry in Myanmar (Burma) – preaching at the anniversary service of one of the Full Gospel Tabernacle churches and teaching in the FGT Pastors’ Conference.
3 June: Preach at High Praise Church, Subang Jaya.
4-9 June: Teach in the School of Acts.
10 June: Preach at City Revival Church.
15 June: Fly to Australia for ministry in Sydney and Melbourne. In Sydney Colin will be teaching a seminar in conjunction with Asia Pacific Seminary which is based in Malaysia. In Melbourne we will be ministering in Malaysian/Singaporean, Filipino and Tongan churches.
28-29 June: Preach in Lifeline Church, Kuala Terengganu.
30 June- 1 July: Preach in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya.
4 July: Preach at St. Mary’s Cathedral (Anglican) in Kuala Lumpur.
7 July: A celebration of our 40 years in Malaysia. Many pastors and leaders will be joining us for this special event which has been organised by Pastor Alan Tan of Harvest Christian Assembly. When we first met Alan 40 year ago he was a young man  attending a church camp at which we were ministering. He now pastors a thriving church in Klang.


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