Monday, January 17, 2011

September to December Newsletter 2010

Since we started out in again in missions, we have sent out our newsletter every two months because we really do appreciate the prayers of our friends around the world and we realise how much we depend upon them. So we want to apologise for the fact that it is now four months since our last newsletter. This is because your prayers are being answered and we have been very busy doing the things the Lord has called us to do.

September found us in the United States, where we spent time with Paula and Scott, our daughter and her husband.
We also participated the Calvary Commission Breakthrough Conference in Lindale, Texas, meeting up with many of our friends who are involved in missions in many parts of the world; we just love this missionary family. This was followed by ministry in several churches, including some cowboy churches.

On the first Saturday in October we went to a farewell dinner for James and Shannon Doherty who have answered God’s call to India. What a thrill to know committed people are still passionate about missions. Shannon is the daughter of our friends David and Maria Skinner..
After more ministry in Texas we flew to Querétaro, Mexico to meet up with Steve Wilson who has an apostolic ministry in the region. Colin taught at leadership training seminars in San Jun del Río, Oaxaca, and San Baltazar, besides ministering in the churches. This was our first time in this part of Mexico, but we both felt it was the most fruitful of all our visits. Four pastors who came to the conference in San Juan del Río were from a region which is entirely under the control of the drug lords. Just before they came one of their pastors and his wife were kidnapped by the gangsters. After they returned home the twenty year old son of the senior pastor was kidnapped, but later released in answer to prayer. They have 300 churches in the region and want us to go there this year to do some teaching.

At the end of October we went to Maracay, Venezuela. The political and economic situation in the nation is a mess, but it was thrilling to see the advances that the churches are making. We were involved in the Prophetic Intercession Conference in Global Advance Church. We have been ministering in Venezuela for many years now, but we felt this was the most profitable time ever.

After returning from Venezuela, we had further ministry in the United States, including a drive from Conroe, Texas, via Nashville, Tennessee to visit Colin’s sister, Christine and Paul, her husband, up as far as Frankfort, Illinois to preach for Keith Tipple. It was a great time of ministry and fellowship. We were then joined by Paula and travelled on to Florence, Kentucky to speak in Heritage Fellowship over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The first week of December was spent in Costa Rica, where we visited Chira Island. A Bible school is under construction and should be completed this year. We have been asked to help set up the curriculum.

In January we will be teaching in Tung Ling Seminary both in Malaysia and Singapore, besides ministering in several churches. February will be spent ministering around churches in Malaysia. March will take us to Melbourne, Australia, then back to Malaysia for more teaching in Tung Ling Seminary. In April we will be in Tung Ling in Manila, Philippines. In May we will again be involved with the churches in Malaysia. June will take us to the School of Acts in Semarang, Indonesia and also the Harvest Training Institute in Chennai, India.


Anonymous said...

bGreat to see that you both are being kept busy in the Lord's work.
Sorry I missed your visit to Dinnington but I keep praying for you both and love to hear what you are doing.
Keep up the good work
Love Barbara

Stephen McIntyre said...

Really wish I was going out to Harvest Training institute again this year, the last two years were fantastic. God Bless you both, hope you are keeping well.

Stephen McIntyre