Thursday, November 05, 2009

Newsletter September/October 2009

September and October saw a change of continent but a continuation of the blessing of God.
On 1st September Colin flew to Houston. Julia had to stay behind in Wales to take care of some pressing family matters.
On 2nd September Colin borrowed our daughter, Paula’s, car and drove to Lindale, Texas to take part in the annual missions conference of Calvary Commission. Just a word about Calvary Commission. It was launched by our good friends, Joe and Charlotte Fauss.

Through the ministry of Calvary Commission many people have been saved in prison, trained when they got out, and many have been launched into missions. We have been involved with them since a missions trip to Mexico in 1986. It was a great privilege to minister and be ministered to over the three days of the conference. The next three weeks were spent ministering in several churches in Texas. Julia finally arrived in Houston on 21st September.
On 1st October we flew to Venezuela. The journey from Caracas airport to Maracay was rapid and exciting, if not to say exhilarating. It was good to renew fellowship with pastor Ogla, whose husband, Jorge, was murdered earlier this year. She and their daughter, Maureen, and the whole church, are being sustained by the grace of God through all of this. In Venezuela we had the joy of teaching in the Id (Go) School of Missions in Salem Church in a place called Palo Negro. We feel this was a significant link for our future involvement in missions.
In Libertad Church, where Ogla is the pastor, Colin preached a series on Extending the Kingdom. This was interspersed by teaching in Escuela Impulso Ministerial, where a fine group of future leaders and missionaries have been training. The graduation of the students was on Monday, 12th October. It was a thrill to see the potential of those being launched out into the harvest fields. The plan is that some of the students will come to stay with us in Malaysia to gain more experience and training in missions.
On the Sunday before the graduation we were invited to minister in a church called Don Divina (Divine Gift). Colin preached in just one service – the second of their four Sunday services. It was wonderful to see about two dozen people go forward for salvation and one boy testify of being healed from deafness during the meeting.
Our journey back to Caracas airport from Maracay on 15th October, starting at 3am, was the most exciting yet, with the most manic taxi driver so far. His name was Freddy and he was certainly fearless.
Texas to Chicago and back
We were back in Texas for only one night after which we set off on a 2,800 miles drive via Nashville, Tennessee to call and see Colin’s sister, Christine and her husband, Paul, then on to preach in Florence, Kentucky for our old friend Cleddie Keith in Heritage Fellowship, and then on to Frankfort, Illinois where we had absolutely great fun with Keith and Val Tipple, and ministry in their church, International Community Church. We then did the reverse journey back to Paula’s home in Conroe, Texas.
The time in the US has been very profitable, especially in setting up links for future cooperation in missions. Several churches are planning to bring teams over to Malaysia.
Future plans
We are in Texas now until 1st December when we fly back to the UK. We have lots more ministry in the churches here. December will be spent in England and Wales, then Colin starts teaching in Tung Ling Seminary in Malaysia on 4th January.
Your prayers are very important to us.
Please keep us in prayer.

Our schedule for the rest of our time in Texas looks like this:

On Saturday morning (7th) I will be teaching at a Leadership Development seminar in Brazos Valley Cowboy Church, in Bryan. That same evening I will be speaking at a missions banquet in the Crossing Church in the Woodlands.

On Sunday (8th) I will be back preaching in the Brazos Valley Cowboy Church.

On Wednesday 11th I am scheduled to preach in Saddle Creek Church in Tomball.

From Friday to Sunday, 13th to 15th I will be doing a series of teaching in North Shore Life Development Center (I always spell it their way) just outside Austin.

From Friday to Sunday, 20th to 22nd, I will be doing more teaching seminars in Iglesia Restauracion in Houston.

On Sunday, 29th November I will be preaching in Cowboy Way Church in Alvaredo, Texas.

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